Hello! Welcome to my personal website. I am an award-winning researcher and professor, and I teach and supervise students in Digital Culture and Digital Humanities at the Universities of Bergen (NO) and Alberta (CA). My research interests are:

  • Digital Media Culture, with a specific emphasis on:
    • Electronic literature: digital-born fictions and poetry; literary games; pre-web e-lit; medium-specific narratology and multimodal analysis; feminist and applied approaches to e-lit; empirical reader/player response research; body image and digital-born bibliotherapy; e-lit curatorship
    • Videogame studiesliterary gaming; metagames; the language(s)/discourse(s) of gaming; life formation games; ludonarratologies
    • Theories of gender and the body
  • Language in the media: videogame discourses; metalanguage; language ideologies (e.g. videogames, online fandom, and Wikipedia); critical sociolinguistics; gender and language
  • Specialized language corpora: gamer language (GameCorp); see also past projects: written learner language (WHiG); Early Modern German newspapers (GerManC); Language in the Media.

On this website you’ll find an up-to-date list of my publications, as well as some information on courses I’ve taught, research projects I’ve been running and some of my external activities. My institutional homepage is here, and my full CV here.

To read about my reflections and my ongoing work, follow me on Twitter @AstridEnsslin.

N.B.: The portrait photograph on this page is courtesy of the amazingly talented Carlota Megias.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Damien McGloin says:

    I’m currently reading your newest paper – immersion in digital fiction. It’s really fascinating and addresses a lot of ideas i’m covering in my masters dissertation at the moment. I’m glad I found it :).

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