Hello! Welcome to my personal website. I teach and supervise students in Digital Culture and Digital Humanities at the Universities of Bergen (NO) and Alberta (CA). My research interests are:

  • Digital Media Aesthetics, Communication and Culture, with a specific emphasis on:
    • Electronic literature: digital-born fictions and poetry; literary games; pre-web e-lit; medium-specific narratology and multimodal analysis; feminist and applied approaches to e-lit; empirical reader/player response research; body image and digital-born bibliotherapy; e-lit curatorship and preservation
    • Videogame studiesliterary gaming; metagames; the language(s)/discourse(s) of gaming; life formation games; ludonarratologies
    • Theories of gender and the body
  • Language in the media: videogame discourses; metalanguage; language ideologies (e.g. videogames, online fandom, and Wikipedia); critical sociolinguistics; gender and language
  • Specialized language corpora: gamer language (GameCorp); see also past projects: written learner language (WHiG); Early Modern German newspapers (GerManC); Language in the Media.

On this website you’ll find an up-to-date list of my publications, as well as some information on courses I’ve taught; funded research projects, awards, and other credentials. My institutional homepage is here, and my full CV here.

To read about my reflections and my ongoing work, follow me on Twitter @AstridEnsslin.

N.B.: The headshot on this page is courtesy of the amazingly talented Carlota Megias.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Damien McGloin says:

    I’m currently reading your newest paper – immersion in digital fiction. It’s really fascinating and addresses a lot of ideas i’m covering in my masters dissertation at the moment. I’m glad I found it :).

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